It Used To Be That The Story Of A Great Career Was Neatly Printed On A Single Page Of Company Letterhead

Great school. Great job. Great company. Great retirement. THE END.

Today’s career is a self-published autobiography with many chapters. It is anything but a straight line. Instead, it is a series of points that connect to shape something bigger. There are good days and bad days. Good bosses and bad bosses. Great leaps forward and steps that seem backward.

The only common thread in the narrative? YOU - and the relationships you cultivate with people and companies along the way.


Dare to think differently about your career.

  • It’s about leveraging your POTENTIAL.
  • It’s about the place where your career, your team and your company intersect to perform at the highest level.
  • It’s about shaping the storyline, where you get to choose the ending. 
  • Work and life has been infiltrated by modern technology. 
  • The boundaries have been obscured.  
  • It’s why we need a sounding board.
  • Someone to listen and reflect back the full picture.
  • Someone to help connect the dots between the various chapters in our story.

All so we can reach our maximum ROI.

It’s time to get out of the employee mindset. It’s time to think of ourselves as venture capitalists who invest in our own careers and choose our own paths. And it’s time to do this with consideration, respect and honesty.

"When we own our career like we would own a business - we can turn a great career into a great life story."


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