True leadership is when you become your passion and inspire others to pursue their greatness.

Whether Peggy speaks to you, your team, or your company – you’ll find a challenge to leverage your leadership potential. 

During her career, she has been a frequent speaker on programs of the International Association for Business and Communications (IABC), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) and the Association for Cable Communicators (ACC). 

Peggy is available for lectures, seminars and keynotes tailored to your team or company needs.

Here are some of her signature talks on you and your personal career Story:

  • Cubicle Mindset vs. Enterprise Mindset
    How to identify the traits of a limiting employee mindset vs. how to think like a venture capitalist and see the whole picture of your career.
  • Money Matters
    How women leaders should rely on company and personal financials as they make decisions about where to go and what to do. 
  • The Extra Mile
    Traffic on "the extra mile"  is light. And, yet, if you go the extra mile in your work, you will see the results. Discover small steps that will take you far.  


On Leadership and Potential for
teams and companies:

  • Recognizing Leadership Potential
    In today’s workplace, potential is a greater resource than skill set. Learn how to recognize and leverage potential within your team. At the place where the values, style, motivation and performance level of employee, team and company intersect - the results are found.
  • Workplace style
    Etiquette – from a simple handshake to how you dress – is still important in the workplace.
  • Work hard. Play nice. You’ll Meet Again.
    Relationships matter!

Be careful never to really arrive at a place. You must always be in a constant state of becoming.