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About Career Coaching

"I had a decision to make — whether to accept a job offer that meant more money and new responsibilities — or stay in my current job, which I loved and made the most sense for my family.  Through only two Sounding Board sessions, I determined what my true priorities were and discovered a way to approach my manager where I could "have it all." I received a pay increase and new responsibilities with the same organization. Great to have someone like Peggy as a sounding board!" P. T. — Public Relations Manager, Non-profit Organization
"I needed a career coach to help me make decisions about a major career move — from managing a retail music store to moving into the corporate world. Peggy's support in my journey, her help with my résumé and preparing for interviews, and her belief in my abilities were what I needed from the coaching sessions. She's a great advisor, coach, and cheerleader." A. R. — Sales Representative, Global Corporation Serving the Metals Industry // Atlanta, GA

"Your guidance and encouragement were invaluable. Thank you for helping me 'unlock' the door to my future and find my ideal job in less than a month!"  A. R. — Public Relations Manager, Consumer Electronics Company // Denver, CO

"I was asked to handle press opportunities for a Manhattan fashion designer and at the time knew little about PR. Spending time on the phone with Peggy and having her coach me on how to work with the press was invaluable. Her Sounding Board sessions work!  I now use my PR skills on a regular basis for the marketing and brand development I do for fashion, beauty, entertainment and luxury clients."  S. C. C. — Communications Professional // New York, NY

About Workshops and Team-Building

From senior-level women professionals who attended a series of leadership workshops:

"This leadership course allowed me to take a step back and evaluate my professional life. I didn't realize until I started working with Peggy that there were barriers getting in the way of my success and happiness at work. I am now on the track to success by further developing my skills with the tools I learned in the course." E. L. — Sales Management

"After working with Peggy and the group in Leadership by the Book, I realized that what was holding me back was me. The skills and insights I developed in the seminar have helped me carve out a new career path within my current company, putting me back on track with professional and personal satisfaction. For any executive woman asking herself what’s next or who is looking to push herself in continued professional development, I would highly recommend this seminar." M. P. — PR Agency Executive 
"This unique workshop was truly life changing. Peggy's perceptiveness and relatable experience truly brings the books alive. She doesn't let you shy away from the hard questions and that is what gives you that valuable 'aha' moment. As an avid reader who has read every book on leadership out there, I was still surprised almost every class with some new insight. Peggy made those insights actionable and that's where the magic is. A truly empowering workshop series." J. C. — Marketing Director

"Peggy is an incredibly talented coach. She has a unique instinct for understanding her clients' needs and identifying what will help them reach their goals. I hope to grow as a leader with Peggy's counsel for some time." N. J. — Marketing VP

"I've put many learnings into place and seen immediate results, including better understanding of business strategies, agreement by stakeholders and how to develop better relationships." L. M. — Marketing Sr. Director

From a PR team at leading wireless provider on a Business Etiquette training:

 "Loved the seminar!  I hope to implement it in my office. Great specific actionable advice. I wish there had been more time."
"Peggy presents in a lighthearted and friendly way. The presentation was very interactive, which kept it really interesting!"

"Peggy’s advice makes a difference in how I can represent myself and my company. I feel more confident representing both!"

"Seeing the topic (business etiquette) and the three-hour time block stirred dread in me, but it was very enjoyable and
informative, and the time flew by."
"Wish we had more time to dive down on more of these topics.  Great reminders for all of us!"

From the marketing team of a global technology company when asked “What worked?” at their leadership offsite:

"Team dynamics and Peggy as another set of eyes."
"Having Peggy at the meeting to help facilitate and help us to stop and think."
"Peggy as an independent timekeeper, note taker, and additional learning facilitator."
"Peggy’s “Coaches’ Corner” presentations."