To get from one point to another you have to know the relationship between the two points. That’s where leadership and career strategy comes into play.

In over thirty-five years of experience, I’ve worked with small privately held companies and large public companies. I’ve led teams of all sizes across the globe. I’ve worked with CEOs and individual team members. I’ve been laid off and I’ve been acquired. I’m also a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and a trainer of Emily Post Business Etiquette programs. Our work together will always include the whole perspective.



When you leverage your potential, the rewards follow. You, your company and your team can be defined in terms of values, style, leadership, motivation level and performance level. Maximum ROI – both financial and personal – is found at the place where these three – you, your team, your company – intersect. Wherever you are in your leadership development and career story, I can help you gain maximum ROI through this intersection. I can help you connect the dots and shape the storyline. Each of the following programs is tailored to individual or team needs:

What’s Next? - A Career Intensive

Whether you are just beginning your career, trying to find a new job or angling for a promotion or new position within your company, this individual coaching intensive is all about accountability. Take action, get the job and commit to continued career success. 

Marketing the Best You!

Whether you're an engineer, an executive, an accountant or a receptionist, you have to be a great marketer. You have to be able to talk about your success. Too often you lose sight of your value and your accomplishments - and therefore, writing your own resume becomes difficult. As a marketing professional, I can help you find a new job or get a promotion. I can write your resume, LinkedIn profile and can coach you on networking and interview skills. 

Strategic Leadership Success

Are you at director/VP level? Have you just been promoted or started a new job? During this three-month coaching program we will design and implement a focused strategy for your individual leadership success. Step into your leadership role with top-level support, advice, and inspired confidence.

Strategic Team Success

Has a recent acquisition, merger or reorganization at your company caused a new team to form? Is your team stuck in the “storming” stage? Clarify team roles, guide values and principles and get your team to the highest performance level.


Sounding Board Sessions

These dynamic single sessions are meant for those critical times when you need someone to listen and reflect on the situation to help you develop a strategy for action. Handle a difficult work conflict, negotiate your compensation package, prepare for an interview, get your resume in order, or gain valuable skills to become a better communicator. This is coaching and mentoring for a specific and immediate outcome. I’ll provide you with the needed support to get you moving forward again.

Executive Coaching

Your title does not need to include the word “executive.” If you’re committed to leveraging your career potential, you should think like an executive. Design and implement a strategy to move up the career ladder in this three-month coaching package.  These six 50-minute sessions focus on your specific career needs - whether you are struggling with leading a team, communicating with your boss, or just balancing your workload.